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Moulding and Casting

Have you often found that you do not have the facilities or capacity to meet the requests for casts of material in your collection?
Are your originals permanently used for scientific research or too fragile to be put on display?
We have great experience in moulding even the most fragile of fossils in a careful way, and are able produce a cast, that is a perfect mimic of the original. Depending on their proposed usage, we cast with concrete, plaster of Paris and different plastics such as polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resin, which are partly reinforced with glassfibres. Coloration is done by hand.
More often than not, casts are sufficient for exhibition purposes and scientific research. This may be of particular importance for display since you can allow your visitors to comply their natural urge to touch everything.

Are you focusing a long-term solution to meeting the casting and moulding requests of your originals?
We are always interested in licences, where we reproduce a fossil in your collection, and provide your house a share of the profit made from its future duplication. A steady exchange of information on each prospect is guaranteed.